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Star Wars inspired herb grinder with bonus scraper. Grinder is 2.2" circumference.


  • QUALITY MADE - Premium 3 piece herb grinder crafted with zinc alloy and quality aluminum. Heavy and tough. Easily grinds and crushes spices and herbs.
  • UNIQUE GIFT - For any Star Wars lover, this Star Wars grinder is a must have. Grab one for yourself or gift to a friend.
  • MAGNETIC CONNECTION - The lower half of the grinder utilizes power magnets, keeping your herbs strong with the force and safe from harm.
  • BONUS SCRAPER - Keep your droids clean and fully operational with our complementary herb scraper.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Built tough, you never have to worry about this little guy breaking. Travel the galaxy in style knowing you're impervious to harm...unless a band of rebellious teenagers get ahold of some x-wings, you have nothing to worry about.

Death Star Herb Grinder



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