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The Kashtray Pipe Smoking Accessory is Well Designed for its Purpose

Kashtray pipe smoking accessory provides the essential needs of those who use pipes.  Clever engineering has devised an ashtray that combines form and function.


A sharp spike protruding from the center is used to loosen ash residue and deposit it in the sloped circular bowl.  The spike comes with a rubber cover to prevent accidents when not in use.


Made of high quality porcelain, available in black, green, red and blue.


The Kashtray trademark is applied in gold. The base is encircled with a rubber padding to protect the surface upon which it sits.


The Kashtray pipe smoking accessory is the ultimate tool for the pipe smoker.  Well designed and well-made. Exceptionally sturdy pipe rest, poke and receiver built into one classic vessel.


Measures 5′ round, 1.25″ tall. Suitable for pipes of all kinds.


Kashtray Ashtray / Debowler



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